17 classic arcade games on Facebook Messenger available now!

Starting today Facebook has made 17 classic arcade games available on Facebook Messenger including PAC-MAN and Galaga.  There is a game controller (looks like an xbox controller) at the bottom of your list of icons when you set up to send someone a message.  Select it, then select the game you want to play.  Play it, then challenge your friend to beat your score.  No new apps or games to download!  Try it out and tell me what you think!


  1. I can,t wait to play galaga! How do i get to the display?

    • Hey Leon,

      You are my new best friend. I love Galaga! Go into the Google Messenger app, select a person from your contacts, tap the xbox controller icon, then look for the Galaga game and press play! Note you only get one life. Not sure if you can collect more lives. Have fun!

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