Amazon agrees to refund more than $70 million of possible unauthorized in-app purchases made by children

Last year Amazon was found guilty of allowing unauthorized in-app purchases to be made by children by not providing a way to get a parent’s consent ahead of the purchase. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just announced that Amazon has agreed  to stop appealing the court findings and start a refund program.  It was also announced that the refund amount could very well be more than $70 million!

The FTC rejected Amazon’s request to use gift cards because they could still reap the benefits of lost or unused gift cards.

So if your children made in-app purchases between November 2011 and May 2016 without your consent, keep an eye out for this refund program due to be announced shortly.

Source: FTC, Amazon to Withdraw Appeals, Paving Way for Consumer Refunds Related to Children’s Unauthorized In-App Charges

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