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CES 2017 *drool*

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is technology paradise.  Oh how I dream of going.  But I digress.  The CES is a long-time running event that takes place every January in Las Vegas, NV.  Companies, big or small, come from all over the world to show what they’ve been working on in the consumer electronics area and what to expect in the coming years.  Electronics includes anything and everything from smartphone, drones, appliances, cars, software, hardware, wearables, and so on.  It is a huge event that takes up millions of square feet, contains exhibits from over 3,800 companies, and has over 300 conference sessions.

Courtesy of CES

The only way to get in is if you work for a company in consumer electronics (aka trade show).  Hey, wait a minute.  I work for a consumer electronics company!  Unfortunately, I realized this too late so I’m going to miss this year’s event.  So close yet so far.  But believe you me, I AM GOING TO CES IN 2018!  But I digress…again.

This year’s event starts today, January 5th, and runs through January 8th.  This is pretty much what everyone will be talking about for the next few days so I’ll try and keep you in the loop.

I just found out they have an app.  Apparently I can network with attendees through it and be notified when certain shows are about to begin.  Sweet!

Screenshot from the CES 2017 phone app

If you are going or know someone who is, let me know.  If there is a company or product you’d like to hear about, let me know in the comments below.  I’m already hearing about Samsung’s presentation…spoiler alert, phones were not part of the presentation and people are grinding on them for it.

I’ll be using the “CES 2017” tag in my posts so you can search for my posts on this topic.  You can also specifically bookmark the post where I’ll be updating with tech I read about from the show. It is called CES 2017 – Tech.

To learn more about the Consumer Electronics Show, click here.

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