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Google A.I. Experiments

The people at Google noticed all the attention that artificial intelligence (aka A.I.) has been getting and decided to let everyone experiment with it.  They have put together a website called A.I. Experiments where people like you and me can experience and learn about how AI works.  Through some simple experiments you can run from your computer, tablet, or phone they will show you how neural networks are formed and a variety of applications for them.  And, they have even provided the code so you can use it to create your own programs.  Note that some of these experiments will only work from Google Chrome or an Android device.

One of the most popular experiments they have provided is called Quick, Draw!.  They give you 20 seconds to draw a provided object on a digital drawing board.  While you are drawing, the app is guessing what you are drawing.

Here is an example where it guessed right.

2016-11-16-quickdraw5 2016-11-16-quickdraw6

At the end of the experiment you get to see what the app was thinking on the ones it got wrong.  They’ll show you what it thought you were drawing and how it thought the object should look.  In my example it couldn’t figure out my helmet drawing (I don’t blame it.  My drawing was pretty bad).

2016-11-16-quickdraw7 2016-11-16-quickdraw8 2016-11-16-quickdraw9

Here is a list of some of the other experiments:

Giorgio Cam – “Take a picture to make music with the computer.”

The Infinite Drum Machine – “Thousands of everyday sounds, organized using machine learning.”

Bird Sounds – “Thousands of bird sounds visualized using machine learning.”

Some of them aren’t experiments but they provide great videos like the one below to show you what the code is capable of:

Visualizing High-Dimensional Space

Give these experiments a try and let me know what you think.  Which ones did you like or didn’t like?  Did you download some code and come up with your own experiment?  I’d like to know.

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