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How to deal with the missing headphone jack on the iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 was released on September 7th, 2016.  Whether for good or bad, it is a game changer due to the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack.  With that component gone, Apple and 3rd party accessory companies have come up with some great gadgets to help you cope with the change.  Here are some great tech for dad.

When you buy an iPhone 7, Apple includes an adapter that allows you plug in a headphone jack on one end.  The other ends plugs into the lightning port of the phone.  This will allow you to continue using your regular 3.5 mm headphones with your iPhone 7. I like this product because, besides Apple, the rest of the world still has earbuds with the 3.5 mm jack.  I’m not a fan of having to remember to carry this extra dongle.

Apple didn’t want to leave their customers completely stranded right off the bat so they included earbuds that connect directly into the lightning port.  The only downside I see is that, unlike with previous iPhones that had the 3.5 mm jack, you won’t be able to charge your phone AND use your earbuds at the same time.  Oh, but don’t worry.  Apple thought of that as well!

AirPodsAlthough not included with the iPhone 7, Apple has released smart wireless earbuds.  Imagine earbuds without the wires.  They automatically connect to the phone via bluetooth when you open the little container they are stored in.  Just like with the wired earbuds, you can make calls, increase and decrease the volume, and use them for, you guessed it, listening to music!  Apple says the AirPods last 5 hrs on a single charge.  The case they come in is how they are charged.  The charging case will give you up to 24 hrs of listening time.

spigenairpodstrapAs soon as the AirPods were introduced people were like “These are too easy to lose!”  Although people were initially joking, accessory companies took notice.  A company by the name of Spigen took it seriously and came up with a strap to hold your AirPods together while you wear them or just to hang them off your neck.  Yup, a strap for your wireless earbuds.  Although the concept does sound a bit silly, I feel like these would be useful for those times when you plan on using them frequently but don’t want to necessarily keep putting them in the charging case.


So if you are a dad or have a dad who is freaking out that Apple got rid of the headphone jack, rest assured that there are options.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about Apple removing the headphone jack.  Do you like the accessories I’ve mentioned?  Are there other gadgets that you recommend?  Let me know what you think!


  1. Hi, Juan.

    Thank you for your insight.
    I’m now considering if I buy iPhone 7 or older model, your advice gives me quite information for decision.
    I don’t think I need headphone jack with iPhone, because I don’t listen to and charge simultaneously. If iPhone’s battery is out, I’m going to read my books 🙂
    However, blue tooth earphone “Apple AirPods” sounds great!



    • Hi Hayden,

      I’m glad I was able to help. I personally think we need to move to a wireless world if we want to evolve technologically. Apple is a definitely a company that can push our boundaries and get away with it.

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