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Meet Cozmo. The robot pet with a personality.

A company named Anki has built what seems like a real-life Wall-E.  In fact, this little guy’s robotic voice sounds just like him.  Meet Cozmo!


With the help of former Pixar animators they have developed a robot with a personality.  Its got animated eyes and a cute robot voice to help him share his emotions and thoughts.  Although he doesn’t really talk, he can share his feelings through sound, body movement, and eye expressions.  He can portray sadness when you beat him at a game.  He can portray happiness if he learns a new skill or even if he looks up and recognizes you.  Uh yes, you read that right.  Cozmo can tell who he is interacting with through advanced facial recognition allowing him to distinguish between you and someone else. Incredible, right?!  Just make sure you are in a brightly light room where Cozmo can see your face.


To interact with him  you have to use a phone app and 3 special cubes.  The app, available for both iOS and Android, allows you to tell Cozmo what you want him to do.  It also allows Cozmo to tell you when and what he wants to play.  Plus, when you play, the app will keep track of points.


The cubes are essentially Cozmo’s world.  You place them on a nice flat surface and Cozmo will learn to interact with them.  He will learn to pick them up, stack them, knock them over, play games, and many other skills.


Cozmo learns new emotions and skills the more you play with him.  He literally gets faster at the cube games as you get better at them.  He also tries to trick you during the games to make you tap at the wrong time!  Yeah, he’s that smart.  And, if you win, he walks around very mopey.  If he wins, he literally celebrates by spinning and singing in his little robot voice.


The box Cozmo comes in says it is for kids 8+ years old.  I agree it’s not meant for toddlers.  My kid is almost 3 years old and she finds the toy a bit scary because he taps at the cube in your hand or  your fingers as some of the games he plays.  And, when you leave Cozmo to explore, there isn’t much for the kid to do but watch.

Definitely a robot for pre-teens since they will better understand Cozmo.  And, due to the recently released Cozmo SDK, adults can not only have fun playing with him, they can program him to do new things!

So if you’ve been looking for a new toy for yourself or someone else, check out Cozmo.  He will make you smile with his human emotions and amaze you with the technological leaps Anki has achieved.


  1. Very cool! I suppose this is the way things are going now when it comes to tech gadgets. I can’t wait to see what is on the horizon in terms of learning and research for little kids (and big kids!) to explore and wonder. I know my gang would have fun playing with the programming capabilities of this gadget!

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for reading my review of Cozmo. I can tell you that there are already programming games for toddlers. Essentially they can select a few predetermined functions, put them in a particular sequence, and affect how a physical robot or an animated one will respond. For adults there is a robot called Nao. It’s an expensive robot but it can be programmed and made to do some awesome stuff. It is used for education and experiments. The future is bright for sure.

  2. Looks very cool that Cozmo robot! A perfect gift for basically anyone. Loved the idea that it can also learn and adapt to the environment around him, and can identify his owner. It’s very clever adding those cubes as part of its world, because without them it could get dull and very boring quite fast. However with the cubes Cozmo can actually appear to be doing stuff and interacting with objects, a thing which can be infinitely fun! Awesome gadget. I might order one for Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Elias,

      Just for you, I have breaking news on Cozmo. I just read that a software upgrade is or will be available with new skills for Cozmo including recognizing your pet cats and dogs! Pretty cool! I’ll be writing up a post on this soon. Stay tuned!

  3. This thing is AWESOME! Have seen it in person and very neat little robot. Wish it was a little cheaper for my little ones but sure this will be ready for them in a few years.

    • Hi Fang,

      Thanks for reading my review on Cozmo. I agree. The price could be a little cheaper but I doubt it will happen any time soon as they just announced new skills for Cozmo. But, like you said, in a few years your kids will be old enough to appreciate the robot a bit more and the price should have come down.

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