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Nintendo will release more mobile games in 2017

Nintendo has announced that they will release 2 to 3 mobile games in 2017 and continue doing so yearly.  They also plan on bringing Super Mario Run and all future mobile games to Android starting 2017.  They gave very few details beyond that.  Will they make brand new games?  Or will they redo their old games for mobile gaming just like they did with Super Mario Run?  All I know is that Nintendo is becoming relevant again.

What games do you want to see?  Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. They need to eventually realease an official emulator for all the old systems so they can start selling the games on those emulators. Money in the bank if they do that. All the old school Mario and Zelda games in the palm your hand without the extra system to carry around.

    • My guess is that they want to sell you the old games via the Nintendo Classic and release new more modern games for mobile devices. That way they match the games with how users in those devices would like to experience it. I know I’d enjoy an old game more if I could touch the old controllers as opposed to touching the screen. What do you think?

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