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Samsung Note 7 software update will disable charging the phone

Believe it or not there are still 7% (about 133,000) of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones out there.  Samsung is entering one of the final steps in their recall of this phone due to the high probability of the phone exploding.

Starting December 19th 2016, Samsung will release a software update to the Galaxy Note 7 that will disable the capability of charging the phone eventually rendering it useless.

Verizon has announced that they will not release the update to their customers because they feel this update is a bit harsh.

“We will not push a software upgrade that will eliminate the ability for the Note 7 to work as a mobile device in the heart of the holiday travel season. We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation.”

Sprint will wait until January 8th, 2017 to roll out the software update.

So what options do you have at this point? You can:

  • Exchange your Note 7 and its accessories for another Samsung phone.
  • Get a refund at the place you purchased it.

There are some additional incentives of which you may be able to take advantage.

For more details, go here.

Samsun Galaxy Note 7 Recall


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