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Sprinkles!  Microsoft’s answer to Snapchat?  You tell me.

Microsoft released an iOS app called Sprinkles.  Yeah, I don’t know why they called it that either. It’s a cute app that allows you take a picture and add captions, emojis, and other stickers.

Using their own artificial intelligence program to detect what the picture is about the app will provide suggestions that you can scroll through and modify.  They are actually pretty funny.  They’ll also used their AI to guess your age as well as do a celebrity look-alike match.  Those are hilarious!  It may sting if it guesses you are way older than you really are. You’ve been warned!

Although I haven’t received any racy suggestions yet, there is an option in the app settings to turn on “Strong Language and Themes”.  Can’t wait to see what that means.
So try it out.  It’s only available on iOS.  Not sure if they are planning on making available on Android.  It came out on April Fool’s so I’d say don’t take it too seriously.

If you download it, let me know what you think. Have fun!

Source: Apple Store Sprinkles Camera App

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