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Twitter now supports live 360 video via Periscope

Twitter announced that they now support live 360 degree video via their live broadcasting app called Periscope.  Although only a select few will be able to broadcast using the new feature at this time, everyone on both Periscope and Twitter are now able to see the video.

I watched the very first video (below) and found it worked just fine.

For the full effect you can rotate your phone in all directions and get a different view making it feel a bit like virtual reality.  For the best effect, at least on an iPhone, turn ON screen rotate lock.  That way if you rotate your phone from portrait to landscape, the video will not flicker as your phone changes the direction of the display unnecessarily.  The one side effect of this is that if you turn your phone upside-down 180 degrees, everything will look fine but swiping left/right will move the screen the opposite direction.  Swiping up and down or moving the phone around will still work.

If you don’t want to rotate your phone you can instead swipe around and get the same 360 degree views.

Here is the very first Periscope broadcast using 360 live video.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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