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UE Megaboom Wireless Speaker

Although it has been out for some time now, the Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom wireless speaker is still one of the best portable bluetooth speakers around.  People love this thing because it is waterproof, shockproof, and produces great 360 degree sound at all the right ranges.


The UE Megaboom has a diameter of 3.3 inches, a height of 8.9 inches, and it weighs 1.9 pounds (almost the weight of a 32 ounce drink).  It is waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (That is 6 minutes longer than what the Guinness Book of World Records has for a human holding their breath underwater). It has a max sound level of 90 decibels (about as loud as the low end of music at a bar).  And, it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that takes 2.5 hours for a full charge from empty for up to 20 hours of play time (just in case you are planning to literally party all day long).


It comes in 4 different colors: Plum, Charcoal Black, Lava Red, and Electric Blue.  It is made out of what I can best describe as rugged rubber and the area where the sound comes from uses this woven mesh that I can only assume is some type of special waterproofing plastic.  On one end it has the power and bluetooth buttons.  On the other end it has a D-ring, mini-USB port for charging, and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack.  And it has a couple of huge + and – buttons on the side.  Tip: Press both the + and – buttons at the same time to hear the battery level.




megaboomappThe fun doesn’t stop with the speaker.  There is an iOS and Android compatible app that allows you tweak the mids, highs, and lows.  It also allows you to control up to 50 speakers! #PartyUp  Plus, each speaker can be controlled by 2 different phones.  And, you can set a wake alarm and have it play a favorite song stored on your phone, Pandora, Spotify, or other music programs.  It’s a sweet app!

My Experience

“The UE Megaboom is an awesome piece of technology that does a great job of balancing look, feel, and usability.”

I bought this with the intention of using it for a birthday party I was going to have in my backyard for 100 people.  And it..worked..great!  Because it produces 360 degree audio, I hooked it by the D-ring on an outside corner of my house.  Even though the place was packed with people, everyone could hear the music and I wasn’t even close to dialing it up to 11.  Because of the 20 hour battery life, I was able to play music during party prep, during the party, and post-party clean up without worrying about having to recharge it.


Whenever I go to the park or the beach I always take the UE Megaboom with me.  When I get there I simply take it out of my backpack, turn it on, connect to it from my phone, and begin playing music.  It really is that simple.  The UE Megaboom is an awesome piece of technology that does a great job of balancing look, feel, and usability.

Look, I know you’re expecting me to give you some cons about this speaker but the reality is that there really aren’t any.  But, if I had to point anything out it would be the price.  I just checked Amazon and it is currently selling for $229.99.  When I bought it it was going for $299.99.  It’s not cheap, I admit it.  But I think it is well worth it.

Here’s a treat for making it this far…sexy slow-mos.



If you are ready to buy, I’ve left you an Amazon link so you can get your research over with and begin enjoying this awesome speaker.  Let me know if you get it.  If you aren’t buying it, I’d like to know why not.  I’m very interested in reading what you think so please leave me a comment.


  1. I like it! The shape reminds me of the old ghetto blaster i used to have in the 80s. Pretty expensive though. I couldn’t afford that on a speaker. I’d say something like thia would be really good for summer camps etc as it’s portable. Is there a line-in jack or xlr for microphones?

    • Hi Dan,

      By ghetto blaster do you mean those huge stereos people used to carry on their shoulders?! Yes, those were awesome! Lol. Unfortunately, the UE Megaboom does not have a microphone jack only a 3.5 mm for headphones. The same company, Ultimate Ears, just came out with the UE Boom 2. It essentially has the same features of the Megaboom but with a slightly less powerful speaker system (but still great sound quality). And I just checked Amazon and it shows it is $150 right now, $80 less than the Megaboom. I’m going to take my Megaboom and rock it like the old days as soon as I find my gold chains and my “fly” jeans. Hahaha

  2. It was a good read. I like the video used of the water being pored on it, it shows that it really is waterproof and not just water resistant. Keep up the good work!

  3. This so so cool. My girlfriend and I are always out and about, often camping or going through to my old man’s farm.
    We love music and this little gadget would be a perfect addition to our kits. The water resistant feature would be particularly useful when we go camping. Great product!

    • Thanks, Jean. My wife and I never go to the park, beach, or outdoor hang out without it. Oh, here’s something I learned/confirmed today. We just had a neighborhood garage sale. We brought this speaker out, played some music, and it brought buyers over! I had heard of this technique but I didn’t realize how effective it was.

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