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What we can expect at the Mobile World Congress 2017

In a few days the Mobile World Congress 2017 will take place in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 through March 2nd.  This is where we learn what new phones and mobile gadgets we can expect in the coming year and what companies are working on for the future.

Here is what we may see at MWC:


Let me get this out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of my post.  Unfortunately, Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh told Reuters that the Galaxy S8 phone will not be announced at MWC.  I know.  This makes me sad too.  Rumor has it that we may see it announced late March or early April.

Instead Samsung may announce new phones with flexible screens, a new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet that is S Pen-compatible, and a new version of the Gear VR headset with a dedicated game controller.  Sweet, right!

Leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with keyboard | Image by Evan Blass @evleaks



LG will announce the new LG G6 phone.  Here are some leaked images of the phone by 9to5Google.

Leaked Image of the LG G6 Front | 9To5Google


Leaked Image of the LG G6 Back | 9To5Google



Sony is expected to announce new Xperia phone models.  There may even be one with a 4K display!


HTC will provide an upgrade to their One X9 called the One X10.  It is rumored to be a mid-range phone with some spec updates but nothing really new to talk about.

HTC One X10 Leaked Image



Nokia is expected to announce two new phones called the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.  These will be mid-range smartphones that will be in the 150-$200 price range.

The more interesting phone will be the remake of the Nokia 3310.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the Nokia 3310 came out in 2000 and was considered to be the best phone of its time due to its smaller size, interchangeable front and rear panels, and overall indestructibility!  Nokia is expected to release a remake of the 3310 with updated specs.  Unfortunately, it will only be available in India with no rumors on if it will be made available anywhere else.

Nokia 3310 from 17 years ago



Moto G5 and G5 Plus.  Not much more is known about them at this time.

Lenovo Moto G5 LeakedI mage



Codenamed “Blackberry Mercury”, Blackberry will show off a phone they had already brought to CES 2017 in January.  It is essentially an Android handset with a physical keyboard.

Blackberry Mercury Pre-Production | AndroidAuthority

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