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Why you may want to wait to purchase the Tesla Model 3

Tesla announced the Model 3 in March of 2016.  With a base price of $35,000 allowing it to sit pretty in a line-up of gasoline mid-size sedans, Tesla received approximately 400,000 pre-orders as soon as the window opened!  And who knows how many more pre-orders have come in a year later.  Whatever the count, that is a lot of cars.  So what does this mean to you?  Two things.

Why you may want to wait to purchase the Tesla Model 3First, current Tesla owners are already complaining about the lack of available superchargers.  When someone in a Tesla pulls up to a set of supercharger stations, Tesla owners are complaining the parking spots are either already being used or a gasoline vehicle is taking up the parking spot.  Rude, right?  Well, not really.  Although the supercharger stations may belong to Tesla, the parking spots still belong to the hotel, shopping mall, or whatever brick-and-mortar business that owns the parking lot.  There’s usually a designated sign that says “30 MINUTE GENERAL PARKING”.  Some signs even allow up to 60 minute general parking!  Plus, who knows how strongly these rules are enforced.

Why you may want to wait to purchase the Tesla Model 3Second,  you can’t take your  super high tech Tesla to your local Joe Smoe car shop to get it serviced.  Only a certified Tesla service station can do that.  Current Tesla owners are complaining that there aren’t enough of those around.  Some of them have to drive quite a distance to get to one.  With 400,000+ Model 3s about to hit the road in the coming months, I imagine making an appointment for repairs is going to be a mess.  Yes, Tesla is working to alleviate this by creating more service stations.  But my guess is that it will be awhile until these new stations are up and running.

What do you think?  Are these good enough reasons to make you wait to purchase the Model 3?  Or are you putting in your $1000 pre-order despite the risks I’ve mentioned? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. This car definitely isn’t for me. The $35,000 base price is enough for me to not even consider it. Apparently there are plenty of issues as of right now for it. Based on what you said, I think it would be wise to wait some time before purchasing one.

    • Hi Cesar! What’s more is that what Tesla reveled at their show last year was essentially a concept. Any specs they mentioned I’m sure have gone under many revisions and may not be the same thing as what you would get when it comes out. But, here’s a tip. If you really want one and you think you can afford it by mid-2018 or so (which is when they say they will supposedly delivery your car if you put down your money now) I say put down your $1000, see how the roll out goes, and by the time it’s time for you to commit, make your decision. Just keep your ear out for these and other support issues and see if it’s worth your full commitment or if you’ll cut out and wait longer.

  2. I actually live in a very small town and as you said I think car dealer here won’t have that and I don’t think that there is not any Tesla service station near my town. And I come to Atlanta 9 months later so waiting will ne no problem for me 😉

    • Yeah, you probably won’t be getting a Tesla dealership or a service station in small towns any time soon. You definitely have a better chance in Atlanta. I am going to be so jealous if you get one. I just can’t bare the risk of my car failing and then not being able to get it serviced within a day or so. Let’s just hope Tesla pulls through.

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